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If you searched for a plywood or lumber yard in Los Angeles, Pallets and Supply is an excellent choice for a distributor of (HT) Heat Treated ISPM-15 compliant industrial grade #1, #2, #3 & #4 lumber.  We supply industrial types of pine, hardwood, shipping blocking & dunnage lumber, heat treated lumber, plywood and building materials for custom pallets, crating, and import/exporting packing companies. The Pallets and Supply are audited monthly and authorized to use the IPPC export stamp on our products.Plywood Sheets Plywood supplier

If you are searching for plywood, we are a plywood supplier with all sizes, types of wood, treatments and quantities. We are CDX plywood suppliers with industrial grade plywood and pressure treated plywood boards and panels.

We carry industrial grade a 4×8 cdx plywood sheets and can special order larger quantities of plywood sheets in custom sizes including: 2×4, 4×4, plywood sheets.

We have a variety of thin plywood widths at quarter inch, half inch and 1 inch plywood sheets.   If you are looking for flexible plywood, we have bendable, flexible plywood to help you complete your bending plywood project.

Plywood Thickness 
3/8 4×8 CDX
1/2 4×8 CDX
5/8 4×8 CDX
3/4 4×8 CDX
3/4 4×8 BBOES

Do you need plywood for an outdoor project?  We have outdoor, exterior grade plywood, exterior plywood siding and concrete forming, and industrial plywood.  Types of plywood includes: cdx plywood, osb plywood.
If you own a packaging or a pallet & crating business, you are who were wanting to work with. We can help supply your wood building materials for all your projects.

Types of wood products we carry may include the following:​Industrial Grades #1,#2,#3 & #4 Landscaping Timbers Wood Stakes CDX Plywood Hardwood Softwood Band Grooved Wood Runners –  Wood Battens


dimensional lumber sizes for Sale

dimensional lumber sizes Lumber Supplier. If you’re looking for Southern Yellow Pine Lumber for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Simply let us know the sizes and quantity of lumber you need for your business and we would be delighted to serve you. Drop us a line or give us a call today to get a free no obligation quote, and talk through the next available delivery slot. You can be sure that the lumber we provide at Pallet and Supply-California is always the very best quality, and will suit your needs perfectly. Lumber Yard California Who Needs Wholesale Lumber?

We supply wholesale lumber for a large range of local businesses here in California and beyond. From cabinet makers, to construction companies, retailers, and large commercial operations, smaller pallet builders, we can help. We offer a good range of lumber, and have sourced it ourselves to ensure the quality is simply the best in the business. We can offer long term supply contracts and one off orders, depending on your needs, and are always happy to give advice and talk through ideas if you’re not sure exactly what lumber will suit your project or current needs. No question – and no order – too big or small. Try us today.

Lumber Orders – Information Needed
Houston’s Premier Pallet, Crate, & Lumber offer industrial grade #1,#2,#3, #4 lumber, for both large and smaller orders. To get started we need to know the type, size of lumber you need, and the quantity.

HEAT TREATED EXPORT LUMBER  Grades available in #1, #2, #3 & #4 for the following dimensions:

Southern Yellow Pine ​(SYP) HT Stamped 
1×4             #2          8′-16′
1×4.            #3          8′-16′
2×4             #4          8′-20′
2×4             #3          8′-20′
2×4             #2          8′, 12′, 16′
2×6             #4          8′-20′
2×6             #3          8′-20′
2×6             #2          8′, 12′, 16′
2×8             #4          8′-20′
2×8             #3          8′-16′
2×10          #4           8′
2×10          #3           12′-16′
2×12          #4           12′-20′
2×12          #3           12′-16′
4×4             #4           8′
4×4             #3           8′-20′
4×4             #2           16′

3/8″             4’×8′                 CDX
1/2″             4’×8′                 CDX
5/8″             4’×8′                 CDX
3/4″             4’×8′                 CDX
3/4″             4’×8′                 BBOES

Wood Steaks
1″×2″ Redwood 12″ – 100 bundle per pallet
1″×2″ Redwood 18″ & 24″ – 75 bundle per pallet​

Special Cuts & Bundle Cuts
This wide range of lumber size means you can get everything you need, all in one delivery. And as customer service is always our priority, just let us know your specific needs and requirements and we will do everything we can to help you. Give us a call to tell us how we can serve your business. In addition, our suppliers provides dealer yards the option to rip saw, resaw boards,rough cut, precision & trim cut as well as cut plywood to size. 2×4 Wood Lumber 2×4 Board Lumber with the best Quality 

We supply only the best quality lumber orders available. This means we choose the mills that we know will be able to provide high quality and a consistent service to us, and out clients. We check all loads of lumber as they come in to make sure the quality meets our exacting standards, and handpick orders to make sure they meet the right sizes and specifications agreed. No lumber will ever leave our yard without having been thoroughly checked over by one of the skilled and experienced members of our team. The end result is a better quality for all of our customers.

Ordering Plywood and Lumber Ordering Industrial Lumber
We are available to help with orders big and small – and are always delighted to meet a new customer. To place an order you can either call us to talk your needs through with a helpful member of our team, or use the contact page to place an online order. Simply let us know the size of lumber you’re looking for, and the quantity of each size needed. We can then get back in touch to discuss delivery or collection, and let you know when your order will be ready for you.Offering Heat Treated wooden products.

Heat Treated Lumber
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Heat Treated Crates
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Heat Treated (SYP) Southern Yellow Pine
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